Solution Highlight

Fascinating, Effective, Affordable: We provide a complete solution for human body auto-temperature screening & fever detection system.
  • Visitor self scan before entering to the premises – main entrance.
  • Scanning speed upon visitor within the camera image scan box. There is no alert if the visitor temperature is below 37C.
  • The solution can capture thermal and color image of visitor with fever detected.
  • The solution also come with Mobile apps alert to detect visitor with temperature more than 37C using Color Image capture.
  • The Scanning solution can be mobilized based on situation requirement.

Key & Unique Specification

High-end thermographic camera with Thermal Radiometry sensor of typically 50 mK and a temperature measuring range of -40 to+550°C.

The thermal sensor is capable of detecting in complete darkness and/or through smoke, smog, or a thin plastic film.

The combination with the MxActivitySensor in particular delivers extremely reliable video analysis results of person/vehicle movements, as it is now possible to block out disruptive factors such as regular movements of “cold” objects such as bushes, grass, water, clouds, waves etc.

No glare from strong sources of light (such as headlights, hand-held lamps).

Detection of hotter than average body parts or technical devices, detection of faults in photovoltaic systems, overheated machine bearings etc.

Fever Screening - Automatic Alarm Detection

Mobotix M16B - Thermal Camera

  • Dual sensor – Thermal and Optical Lens ( Thermal for detect and Optical lens to identify).
  • Thermal range monitoring. Only show the object higher temperature on thermal image.
  • Overlay – specifically see the higher temperature object or area.
  • Decentralized – Fast and Easy to deploy.
  • Come with speaker with alert warning sound once detect over temperature.
  • Able to email immediately the every incidents to PIC or specific email address for verification if needed.
  • Able to avoid man issue to let go the suspect due to relationship. 100% screening before enter the building or office.
  • Integrated with Mobile and email alert solution.

Mobotix M16B Thermal Camera – Live Application

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