Thermographic Bullet Body Temperature Measurement Camera

  • Temperature range: 30ºC to 45ºC with 0.5ºC accuracy.
  • Provide AI face detection function, locate multi faces intelligently and measures the face only to reduce false alarm from other heat sources.
  • Able to do onboard audio alarm, notice the operator without the requirement of other sirens and reduce the complexity of solution.
  • Comes with black body (calibration box) to increase accuracy of temperature.
  • Simultaneous live view up to 20 faces in one time.
  • IP66 Standard.
  • TVS 6000V lightning protection, surge protection, voltage transient protection.

Thermographic Fever Screening Scheme

  • Thermographic fever screening bullet
  • Tripod
  • Tripod adaptor
  • VMS i-4200 software
  • POE Switch
  • Black Body – to increase accuracy (OPTIONAL)
  • Operator’s monitor


  • The camera is recommended to install in 1.5meter high, keep the distance between target and camera about 1~1.5m.
  • The black body is used together with body temperature measurement bullet, 1.2m away from the camera.
  • Make sure that the black body always appears in the upper left/upper right corner of the camera view.
  • Make sure that the black body would not be blocked by other targets during temperature measurement.
  • Recommend to set up the solution in a stable environment without wind in the indoor space.

Thermographic Fever Screening Scheme

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