Are you looking solutions for COVID-19 temperature screening? we provide a comprehensive solution for human body auto-temperature screening & fever detection system. 

Mobotix - Thermal Camera Solution

Thermal Camera – Fascinating, Effective, Affordable: We provide a complete solution for human body auto-temperature screening & fever detection system.
  • Visitor self scan before entering to the premises – main entrance.
  • Scanning speed upon visitor within the camera image scan box. There is no alert if the visitor temperature is below 37C.
  • The solution can capture thermal and color image of visitor with fever detected.
  • The solution also come with Mobile apps alert to detect visitor with temperature more than 37C using Color Image capture.
  • The Scanning solution can be mobilized based on situation requirement.

HikVision - Fever Screening Thermographic Bullet Camera

  • Temperature range: 30ºC to 45ºC with 0.5ºC accuracy.
  • Provide AI face detection function, locate multi faces intelligently and measures the face only to reduce false alarm from other heat sources.
  • Able to do onboard audio alarm, notice the operator without the requirement of other sirens and reduce the complexity of solution.
  • Comes with black body (calibration box) to increase accuracy of temperature.
  • Simultaneous live view up to 20 faces in one time.
  • IP66 Standard.
  • TVS 6000V lightning protection, surge protection, voltage transient protection.

HikVision - Fever Screening Thermographic Handheld Solution

  • Device detects the real-time temperature and display it on the screen.
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery.
  • Device is equipped with replaceable memory card to store recorded captured snapshots and important data.
  • Long distance laser light supplement to point the thermography target.
  • Up to 8 hours continuous running.
  • A circular target with a diameter of 1 cm can be measured accurately within a distance of 75cm.
  • IP54 and 2m drop test height.

CBS Temperature Screening With Facial Recognition System

The Thermopile IR with high temperature accuracy can help detect elevated body temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever. It can be used for the fever screening with access control. Especially integrate with turnstile for building, schools, train stations, offices etc.

The system is a single person detection. Temperature measurement and face recognition is done one person at a time.

Secondary check using thermometer for person who has doubtful fever symptoms. Otherwise people can proceed.

The terminal will automatically detect temperature and recognize face. An alert will be activated if temperature is high and access is denied.

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