“Pay Anyone, Anywhere Securely”

Millions of people use online payment for one simple reason - its simple. Just use your Internet Banking accounts through checkout in a click.

Easiest & Fastest Solution For All

With Pearl2u Payment Gateway solutions, you can accept online and mobile payment – anytime, anywhere. Now collecting payment is just clicks away without hassles. You can concentrate on running your own business and leave the payment collection to us.

Our solutions can support for service:

Financial Process Exchange (FPX)

VISA debit card

Mastercard Payment Gateway Services (MIGS)


Reliable & Secure
Pay anywhere, anytime via participating banks internet banking bank account. Service is available 24 hours daily for majority of participating banks. Your financial details are securely encrypted and never shared.


Payments are processed immediately and debited from your internet banking bank account on real-time basis. You will get immediate notification of payment via online receipt and email.

Multiple Payment Options
Use Internet Banking to make payment from Current, Savings or Credit Card account.

You can have access to all your Internet Banking bank accounts from the participating banks. You only need to have an internet banking account with any participating banks, using the same security credentials.


Cost Saving
No cost as most of the participating merchants absorb the transaction fees. It saves your money by not having to make a trip to payment outlets. Plus, no registration is required.

How it Works ?

With using Reliva Technology, the gateway solution comprise connections to bank and clearing authorities and a management solution for the gateway to manage, monitor transaction and generate report where necessary.

Looking for more information? Please contact us at contactus@mutiara-teknologi.com.my