Radar Perimeter Detection System

Intelligent perimeter detection solutions take your security to the next level.

Radar Security Surveillance
AdvanceGuard high definition radar security surveillance solution is an innovative alternative to high-cost manned guarding. With 360° coverage, exceptionally low false alarm rates and full automation, you’ll enjoy complete peace of mind in all conditions.

AdvanceGuard easily configures to even the most demanding security criteria, managing your complexity with a simple, user-friendly interface, which adapts to integrate seamlessly with other systems.

The all-weather radar system can detect, track and identify the exact location of any threats, operating both inside and beyond the perimeter. In situations where security is essential, you can rely on AdvanceGuard.


  • AdvanceGuard’s sensors scan 360˚ and can detect up to 3 km.
  • The software can be configured to meet the needs of each individual site.
  • It is a rules-based software, meaning operators can choose  which behavior and movement in and around the site is considered a threat.
  • Fewer sensors are needed for large coverage area and installation costs remain low.

AdvanceGuard Sensor Type

Radar Security Surveillance

Detection Condition:

Fog, snow, rain and sand
Complex and cluttered environments
All levels of light, from darkness to sun glare
Extreme temperatures

Detection Types:

Inside and outside the perimeter
Vehicle and person detection
Controlled zone detection
Wildlife detection
Critical point detection

Features of Radar Security Surveillance

Real-time Threat Analysis

Pin points the exact location of site intruders, and their direction of movement and speed, providing accurate data for fast response.

Reliable Detection

High-resolution radar differentiates target size, meaning it can filter out small animals and authorised worker activity. This keeps nuisance alarms to a minimum.

Fully Automated

The intrusion detection system operates inside and outside of the perimeter. Intuitive interface. The system controls cameras, relays and other sensors. It integrates with bulk SMS providers and security/video management systems.

Ongoing Situational

Real-time tracking, enabling a fast response to any potential site intrusions. Ability to recall track history

Low False

Only true threats will cause alarms to be raised. Authorised personnel, vehicles and watercraft will not be categorised as a site intrusion. This allows operators to have full trust in the system.