HF Radio - Reutech

The TR2000 MK3 is a small, lightweight, SSB Transceiver. Provides user with voice and data communications for manpack applications as well as base station and vehicle installations.

A unique feature of this transceiver is that the output power is typically 25W when powered from the supplied manportable battery and typically 100W when powered from a 26V vèhicle battery.

It features high reliability and ease of operation. The modular construction facilities field repair and a low MTTR.

PTT solutions – Realtalk application

Why Realtalk ?

International standards-based world's first PS LTE, and complete with its own S/W technology.

  • MOS ≥ 4.0
  • Delay ≤ 300msec
  • SSLv2, TLS, SRTP, HTTP Digest MD5
  • TTA certification
  • User Friendly UI/UX:
    • Dispatcher
    • Smart Phone
    • Radio Type
  • International Standards: 3GPP / OMA PoC
  • Virtualization Technology

How Realtalk Work ?