Security & Testing (QA/QC)

IT organizations are building, maintaining and improving their network defenses against internal and external malicious users and attackers every day. While understanding how well these defenses withstand adversaries, is imperative to keep your fortress secure.

Mutiara Teknologi have certified personnel whom are qualified as tester. With many threats available from the public nowadays, it is important to maintain the security of our organization. Our technology expert will have all of the advices and services needed for our clients to have a better IT security.

Our testing services leverage a hybrid approach composed of automated and manual testing methods. Attempts to gain privileged access to firewalls, networks and respective devices, servers, IoT, web applications, and other points of exposure will be conducted in a safe and controlled manner, while exploiting identified vulnerabilities.

Once a vulnerability has been successfully exploited, our security analysts will attempt to increase their foothold by launching succeeding exploits to gain higher levels of privileges and deeper access to electronic assets and information.

Our Testing Services

Web Applications

Comprehensive penetration test of your web applications, web services and APIs that may be used to store and access critical business information, with the goal to identify and exploit web-borne vulnerabilities.

Network & Server Infrastructure

Evaluation of your internal or external information assets’ ability to withstand attacks.

Wireless Networks

Comprehensive wireless penetration testing services, ranging from traditional Wi-Fi networks to specialized wireless systems, which include identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities and providing guidance to strengthen such identified weaknesses.