A sole distributor for Reveal Media in Malaysia to provide a comprehensive body worn video solution

For nearly a decade Reveal has designed and built award-winning smart, efficient and secure body worn video systems. Reveal have trials and operations in 30+ States and are the market leader in Europe and Asia.

Secure body worn video systems by Reveal
  • Reveal’s Body Worn Camera
  • Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)
Body Worn Camera

The only body camera which has a front-facing screen

Proven to be reliable in protecting the officers from being assaulted. The latest camera produced by Reveal will have Unbreakable Security, Articulated Camera Head, Live Streaming, GPS Aware, Bluetooth Triggers & Ultra Low Light recording capability.

Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

Enables the officers to manage all of their recorded videos

A new version of DEMS 360 have some advanced capabilities such as Redaction (ability to obscure faces, audio, license plates or any other private information from the video) and can be hosted anywhere (officers can access their recorded files wherever they are as long as connected to the internet).